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Encompassing the
of knowledge

  • The conference ended on May 10, 2014.
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The theme of the 5th international conference in the 360oseries is Encompassing the Multimodality of Knowledge. Like in the previous four conferences, the theme of this conference is to be interpreted as a rather broad topic. We have chosen such a topic in the explicit hope that this will encourage researchers from a wide variety of different research fields (from multimodality to anthropology, linguistics, discourse and genre analysis, LSP research, etc.) to participate and join us in the 360o exploration of the phenomenon in question.

Research questions

The catalogue of research questions that forms the point of departure is:

Why do we employ multimodality?

  • Do we employ it for the greater good of society?
  • Do we employ it for the sake of an ‘other’?
  • Do we employ it for our own sake?
  • Do we employ it for the sake of better insights into our object?

 What do we communicate?

  • Can we employ multimodality when dealing with all kinds of knowledge?
  • Should we employ multimodality when dealing with all kinds of knowledge? 

 How do we employ multimodality?

  • How is language (written text and speech) combined with (still and moving) images, sound, music, or/and other semiotic modes in complex texts?
  • Are there specific multimodal combinations required in specific contexts?
  • Are there specific multimodal combinations required by specific media?
  • Do specific modes give us better insights into specific types of knowledge?
  • Are specific modes better suited for specific research purposes?



Abstract template

Use the abstract template

Send it to us at:


We encourage participants to contribute with papers under one of the below three strands:


  • Which settings, media, modes, channels and / or what practices enhance our use of multimodal configurations when communicating knowledge?
  • What interactional parameters influence the multimodal communication of knowledge?
  • Where do the challenges, paradoxes and dilemmas of multimodal knowledge communication lie?


  • What combination of modes is suited for representing specific types of knowledge?
  • What relations exist between methods for analysing knowledge and representing it multimodally?
  • What specific textual and generic features or certain technologies enhance multimodal representation?
  • Which cultural, conventional, habitual, or ritualistic elements can enhance multimodal representation?
  • What research tools are available for coding and representing the meaning-making interplay of several semiotic modes?


  • What are the distinctive affordances of multimodal phenomena (from singular multimodal texts to multimedia art installations and interactive social events) in constructing knowledge?
  • Does multimodality enhance or even ensure the construction of knowledge in the ‘other’?
  • Where may we locate the motivational triggers for constructing knowledge by means of complex multimodal resources – are they individual, social, discursive, purely cognitive or?


You can contact us at

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